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Postby opinv » Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:30 am

Add location column here per attached Graphic. When we receive items in they are "Received" (placed in various locations) such as Bins Offices, Stock Rooms, Shelves, Areas etc.. and we are constantly being asked where the actual item item is becuase they (olthers) see that it has been received in system but t they are so reliant on a stamped piece of paper floating about somewhere to tell them where it is. Now that we have some buy in that the item in the system was indeed received... if it had the location of exactly WHERE it was received ... those people would know immediately. So for instance .... this just happened recently: A shoe was ordered for a pt. It was received, the desk staff saw this but did not have the printed pt order ( what they call here the rt sheet) to tell them where it was. If this column existed as requested per the graphic, the staff would know that the QTY X shoe was received on X date at X Price and was sent to the LAB for customization.... and thus everybody would be aware of its initial dispostion regardless of the "paper" floating about on someone's desk or file somehwere. The utlimate goal here is to eliminate the need for a peice of paper that often fails to communicate preciseiy what the "status" of anything flowing through the system is, and this would be one step closer to breaking the dated and irrational dependency of the paper to tell them where something is in the workflow. I would imagine further that if you could click a location tab that it would show all the current movement after intial receipt ... thta might be very useful. One thing that eats up a lot of time here is "looking for things" ... you should be able to look at the screen and tell what is happening ... be across the hall or across town/state/world.
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