Mass Movement filtering

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Mass Movement filtering

Postby opinv » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:03 pm

I just was introduced to Mass Movement an din the centralized hub model we are emulating right now this Module could be so much more powerful if it had the functionality of the picking module aand the flexibility of filtering ... e.g. be able to:

Pull up the mother ship inventroy data> then sort/filter it by a number of criteria ( Vendor, item, Desc wilcard, on Hand>0, scannable BC in 1D and 2D, and just generally be able to distribute and move goods about the multiple GL enterprise with the ease of a modern spreadsheet... in the end ... if your parts def table has the data ... you should be able to pick up an item and scan it to whatever and wherever you want on the fly ... because essentailly ... that is how this biz seems to work .... items going to and fro at a hctic frantic invariable patinet driven pace... maybe they fit ... maybe they don't ... and the standard excuse I am hearing is the since you do not know what item will end up on the order you might as well wait and not record them ... I do not think that is best practice in any inventory flow ever ... and I would like to have feedback form all of you out there who have tried to track it and gave up and state the reasons why ... Most of the Vendors/OEM's have invested (built into the cost) Barcoding their products and have even provided multiple "peel offs" as an industry standard to assist ... I would love to start a forum on this very subject ... as Medflex seems to have this stable functuionality built in to take advantage of this ... but I see little correspondence about it. :shock: :shock: :shock: I want to hear hear the good the bad and the ugly .. as I am scratching my head why there appears to be little to no use of it. ARE YOU OUT THERE? Please reply!!!
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