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MedFlex Version History

Postby John Mason » Tue Jan 14, 2014 2:26 pm

01-15-2014 (includes 01-14-14 and 01-13-14)

Payable Screen – rearranged so that you can use a po number to pull up an existing payable invoice
Payable Screen – revamped the discount section to show the discount date and allow over-riding
White board – direct jump to Invoice Responsibility Screen
Patient Screen – direct jump to Invoice Responsibility Screen
Cash Receipts Report – added selection for Location Group (Regions)
Added transaction loging to the payment terms file
WIP open orders report – added selection for Lcode range
Added Physician selection to the 3 satisfaction survey reports
Added indexes to the Poheader and Vendor files to support the Cascade Shopping Cart load

Added a complex set of tools we can use with clients to merge data from multiple MedFlex datasets into an existing or new dataset based on variable selection criteria. In our first use of these tools, for instance, we took only active prosthetic patients from the last 5 years + wip + 2014 schedule entries + patients with a balance and merged them to the parent database. This is useful for our larger MedFlex companies that are acquiring companies as well as clients that might have had a history of separate MedFlex datasets but now for management or legal reasons (consolidating tax-ids) want to merge systems without merging irrelevant older data.

Fixed how negative PO's are handled related to cost calculations
icd9 and icd10 corrected length on the blue screen versions of the maint screens
Estimate printing – corrected non-assigned billing calculation
Billing entry screen – skip cost xref if already there from a PO entry
Patient List – fixed bug where guarantor would output instead of patient in certain cases
Fixed a problem with icd10 codes on the patient screen
Fixed a specific workflow on the po screen that would give an attempt to reference invalid item number
Removed a stale debug statement window that popped up when F4'ing on the PO Screen
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