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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:50 am
by opinv
The ability to COPY and existing record ( be it a PO, a Parts Definition, a vendor, an Order, etc) This would be very useful for creating Parts Definitons as they ( OEM's) are constantly adding new items. You should not have to start from a blank screen from scratch to create the latest "OSSUR" item ( for example) you should be able to locate an existing record that is essentially the same thing with respect to its vitals (e.g Class, Acct, description, LCodes, etc) but only differs in size or height, etc. You could bring up the record and then select COPY RECORD, it would bring up the record you chose to copy but you would enter the new item number, the desc, and the retail price, etc. Similarly, for recurring orders via PO where you buy the same exact thing periodically ( like plaster, or paper, etc) ... you could look up the last PO for that stuff, then select COPY .. it would create a new PO populating all the original items exactly which you could then edit. You could also apply this same functionality to Orders possibly. The workaround right now for parts is bringing up two separate instances/screens for a Parts definition and copying over all the unchanging info field by field.