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WIP/Inventory/Purchasing Overview

The Work in Progress part of MedFlex lets you control and track when a job is ready to have it's parts ordered, tells the front office when to schedule delivery, and create job lists for your lab staff of what to work on in what order.

The inventory contains your catalog of parts with the quantities you have on-hand at your various locations.  Each part also shows who you can order the part from as well as your current preferred vendor to order from.  At any time you can run a report of what your current value of on-hand inventory is.

Purchasing works to order the parts you need to replenish supply as well as ordering special order parts that you only order as you need them.  Special order parts are tracked back to the job/patient they were ordered for easily handling your warranty and liability needs.  Purchasing can be done by automatically generating Purchase Orders.  You can also enter a PO manually.  Supply ordering can be done with our special on-screen interactive reorder report where all supplies can be ordered from multiple vendors in one session.

All of these above functions require that the MedFlex user have a clear concept of what an order is.  In many cases this is easy for the back office staff as they have had manual orders for years.  It's the front office staff where this concept may be a bit foreign due to their exposure to "billing only" practice management systems.

In MedFlex when you schedule a patient the visit type selected as part of the appointment tells MedFlex whether that visit gets a new job number created for it (prints the charge ticket for the evaluation) or pulls up the current open job number (prints delivery ticket).  These charge tickets have the open job number on it that will, once the item is delivered, ultimately be the invoice number.

The WIP part of MedFlex lets a biller place a job on hold until the authorization is obtained from the insurance and the RX is received from the doctor.  The WIP is also used by the lab to inform the front office when the job is complete so the patient can be scheduled.  This special WIP notes section can be used by all parties to monitor the status/progress of a job.  

O & P has two basic divisions of parts which are parts you stock and have on hand whenever you need them and parts you special order only when you need them for a specific patient.  In MedFlex on the part screen these two part types or called supply parts (type S) and special order (O).  In MedFlex as optimally used you put the list of parts you want to the job (work order) and let the system generate your Purchase Orders automatically for you.  Using MedFlex this way saves you a couple of steps as the cross reference of a PO back to the job is done for you.  You also can e-mail the vendor a nice single consolidated PO for everything you need to order for that day.  The alternative you can also do in MedFlex.  You can create a PO manually and manually link each line of the PO to the Job (which in turn links it to the patient)  However, for the WIP controls mentioned earlier to work, the auto generate PO is the way to go.  This auto PO generation using the parts you have put on the job will not happen till any RX or Auth required WIP steps have been marked complete by the front office.