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General Ledger Overview

The MedFlex General Ledger gives you true multi-profit center accounting.  Please refer to the no-close design as this applies to the Ledger as well.  All reports are available at any time.  Besides the very standard profit and loss and balance sheet reports, the MedFlex GL has a tie-out analysis report which lets you fully document any account change from one date to another.

Entries are made to the GL as part of the normal day to day activities of the billers and the payable staff.  These entries show on the GL entry screen as to which subsidiary journal they were sourced from.  The GL system prevents you from being able to make direct changes to these entries though the information on the GL screen always will show you where to go to modify the payable or AR source information if in error.

There are no maintenance procedures or limitations on reporting.  You can run a trial balance at any time without waiting for a month end for example.  The GL Journal and Ledger review let you filter to certain accounts or to limit to manual entries only which combined with the tie-out report make tracing account changes easy.

You can create as many custom PL or Balance Sheet views for reporting as you'd like with the custom GL report tool.

The Bank Reconciliation tool is powerful and easy to use.  It can be run daily to build gradually the bank statement for the month.  This feature allows you to match to the bank daily for the maximum in control and accuracy.

Most companies that switch to MedFlex are not used to having full integrated accounting.  Using cash as a daily point of control is a strong feature that we recommend people do.  Even patient refund checks process entirely within MedFlex making this type of balancing both practical and easy.