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Function Keys

Finding Records:
Used with fields that have [ ] or < > or a box with ellipses. 
F9 - Finds Closest Record
F7 - Finds Previous Record
F8 - Finds Next Record
F4 - Pulls up Prompt List (not all screens do this)
Ctrl Home - Goes to top of Prompt List
Ctrl End - Goes to Bottom of Prompt List
PgDn - Down One Page
PgUp - Up One Page
Navigating on a Screen:
All Screens:
Tab - Moves forward one field on screen
Shift Tab - Moves backward on field on screen
Enter Key - Moves forward one field on screen (if the cursor is sitting on a button - Enter processes that button)
F6 - Next Area (only on screens with Menu Bars)
Shift F6 - Previous Area (only Menu Bar Screens)
Alt Key and the underlined letter to switch to other tabs (for example, Alt+G will go to the Guarantor Tab) 

Registration Screen:  The Following Keys rotate between the 4 pages of the Registration Screen once a Registration has been selected and pulled up
PgDn - Next Page on Registration Screen
PgUp - Prior Page on Registration Screen
Shift F10 - Inserts a line in a table

Processing Records:
F2 - Save Record or Process a Step
Shift F2 - Delete Record
F5 - Clear Entry in Process - Start Over
Ctrl F5 - Clear Complete Screen from Anywhere
Esc - Goes back to menu or cancels a prompt list

Other Keys: Documented on top of each screen