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User-Defined Letter Maintenance

Users can write custom letters by going to Bill/Coll: Maintenance: Letters: User Defined Letters.  

Begin by choosing an available ID# (press F4 here to see the ones already in use).  Enter in a Description for the letter.

Enter a Note Type to determine how this letter would be represented in patient notes when it is printed for an invoice.  Indicate whether the letter should log to the patient's notes, the guarantor's notes, or both.

Margins and Letter Width can be changed here (or left as the default).

If you want to select a Tickler Note Type, do so here.

In the bottom half of the screen, type the body of the letter, using the Text Replacement Codes as necessary.  Text Replacement Codes can be put into the letter and will automatically print the patient's information in the letters.  You may press Alt + C to bring up a list of Text Replacement Codes.  The codes however will not allow for columns to be made, because these codes or variables can range in length.  All codes used should be on the left-hand side or mixed in with text.