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Patient Demographic Information

Patient ID:  When entering a new patient, leave this field blank, and begin populating demographic information: Name, Soc. Sec. #, DOB, Sex, Marital Status, and etc.  
When searching for an existing patient, press the F4 key while in the field or use mouse to click on the ellipsis […] drop-down box next to the Patient ID field.  This will bring up the lookup screen.  Search by ID Number or Name by clicking on the appropriate column and typing; a search box will appear that will allow user to continue typing based on the selected column.  Once patient is located, press Enter to pull the patient up.  

File Location: This is just a reference field and has nothing to do with the billing location, but can be populated when there are multiple locations where files are stored.
Med Rec #: If necessary, this can show the medical record file number (if a chart belongs to hospital, clinic partner…).

Follow-Up Date: When in Invoice Screen, can enter a Follow Up date when saving an invoice.  Can run Patient Follow-Up Log Report that pulls from this field.