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Patient Registrations

A new Registration must be created anytime a patient's information, such as the guarantor or insurance, changes.  

To input a new registration, click on a blank line so it is highlighted.  This line will initially be left blank and will populate as information is entered into the Registration Detail Tabs below (Guarantor, Insurance, Marketing/DX).  

The Registration Date will default to today's date, but another date may input if desired.  

The Copy Registration button can be used if a complete registration is already there, and only one piece of information is changing (Insurance Carrier for example).  This will make an identical copy of that registration but ask for a new registration date.  Change the necessary information in this copy. 
The Print Registration button will print a copy of the registration information.  

The Print Letter button will print out a user-defined letter for the patient without needing to have an invoice number to do so.  

The following tabs are located beneath the Registration Tab:
Related Professionals
Worker's Comp