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Patient Related Professionals Information

The Related Professionals Tab is used to track all professionals, from physical therapists to referring physicians, who have nothing to do with the registration itself.

As with the insurance screen, there is a Sequence Number to assign to the Related Professional.  Enter the Related Professional Code or hit the F4 key to get the look up table.  

The "New" button will pull up the Maintenance screen to view or edit information.  

After selecting the appropriate doctor, answer Y or N if a Thank You Letter should be sent.  Keep in mind that if a Thank You letter should be sent, there must be a Y on the appropriate invoice as well.   

Role This Registration defines which part this physician played in the patient's referral process (Prescribing or Alternate Referrer, for example).  Defaulting Role comes from the Related Professional Maintenance Screen.  If filled-in, Role This Registration, will overwrite the Defaulting Role.  If the doctor was the Referring Physician, the role in either column should indicate this physician as the Prescribing Doctor.  There can be unlimited professionals on one registration.  The Physician that ties to an invoice is determined by whichever professional is first marked in the system as the Prescribing Doctor.  

Referring Physicians - In the referring physicians table, the ID code is sorted alphabetically.  This screen is where the UPIN # is entered to show on the UNIV90 claim form.  This screen also has a place to enter all the insurance plans in which this particular doctor participates.

Alternate Referrals - These are for the physical therapist or special individual that referred this patient to the facility.  The registration screen is where this person would be entered and if he/she should receive a thank you letter.