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Patient Notes

Through integration, the note section shows any kind of note type that has been entered anywhere else throughout the system.  This includes scheduling notes (Scheduler), dates certain letters are printed, and call back dates (Letters).  

To enter a note under the Patient Notes Tab, put in the Date of the note.  If the date field is left blank, then today's date will default.  

Hit F4 while in the Type field to bring up a table showing the various types of notes; select the type of note.  

After the note type is selected, put in a Note Description, and tie an Invoice # to the note, if necessary.  After this is finished, begin typing note below in the Notes Tab.  

Hit F2 key to save (or un-highlight the current note).  

Under the patients note section, there is the Scanned Document Tab.  This allows users to scan or attach any type of windows file such as Gait Anaylsis Movies, Pictures, Measuerment Sheets, CAD file, or any other file type of your choosing right into the patient's notes.  You can instantly select and launch a particullar file by using the User defined Quick Buttons.  For more information, go to the Electronic Document Storage Page. 

The notes section is also used to create and manage unlimited types of reminder ticklers.  These ticklers are normally used to manage collections work but can be used for any purpose.  See more in the sample Collections Workflow.