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Scheduling System Defaults

Across the top of the screen, note how it says File, Enter/Review Entries, etc.  Click on Maintenance.  Notice there is a choice of: Scheduling System Defaults, Visit Type Maintenance, Service Site Maintenance, and Cancellation Reason Maintenance.  

The Scheduling System Defaults includes the setup for the scheduler screen.

An Allowable Entry Date Range must be determined.  When putting in the Starting and Ending Times, format as shown above.  Use 2 digits on each side of the colon, and put A or P (capitalized) after the time to refer to am or pm.  

The next fields to fill in will be the defaults for Service Site, Visit Type, and Large Block Visit Type.  If defaults in these fields are inconvenient, they may be left blank.  

The next fields are the Slot Width and Slot Format.  Each slot width can be different.  One thing to remember is, even if slots 2 and 3 aren't used when scheduling a patient, they must have a value of at least 1, or it will break the scheduler.  

For the slot format, the Format Help button will show the different abbreviations for the formulas that determine what displays in each slot.  

The last field involves the Where Column.  Show the Where Column by checking the Use 'Where-Are-They' column check box, and define the width below it.