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Visit Type Maintenance

Visit Type Maintenance is found under the Maintenance Menu.

When entering a new Visit Type, assign it a Code and give it a Description.
Next, fill in what Level of an appointment it is.  There are three different levels.  A level 1 means that appointments can be scheduled in the other 2 slots at the same time.  A level 2 means that the user (if trying to schedule an appointment in another slot at the same time) would receive a message to check with the practitioner to see if that would be ok.  A level 3 does not allow a user to schedule a practitioner for the same time in different slots.  

Default Number of Blocks shows how long the default appointment will be.  Each block represents a 15 minute time slot.  

The system is able to generate an open order based on the visit type.  To, allow this, choose the appropriate option in the Generate Order field.  

Letter for Charge Tickets field shows which report represents the appropriate charge ticket for each visit type.  Fill in the letter number or charge ticket that needs to print when a patient is seen for this particular visit.  

The last thing to pick is the Color.  Click on the button "Choose Color" and select an available color.  To save the visit type, press F2.