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Service Site Maintenance

The service sites are defined in this screen.  Examples of service sites are: Office, Hospital, Nursing Home, etc.  All of these different service sites can have the address and place of service code entered here to print on the HCFA forms.  

To enter a new service site, go Scheduling: Maintenance: Service Site Maintenance.  

Assign the service site a Code and Description.  Enter in the Location number.  After choosing the location number, enter the service site's Address.  Next, fill in the Place of Service Code.  

Consecutive Appt. Warn @ - means to warn if this service site already has x (the number entered in this box) amount of appointments scheduled.  For example, a nursing home may have only one practitioner scheduled there at a time.  In the Consecutive Appt. Warn@ field, enter a 1.  Then, whenever there is a practitioner scheduled at the nursing home for a specific time, and another patient gets scheduled for the same time, the following warning will be displayed on the screen: "There are already x amount of appointments scheduled @ this service site for the time period chosen.  Please check with all involved parties before you save this appointment."  This gives the ability to monitor how many practitioners are in one service site at one time.
Reject @ - means that once there is x (the number user enters in this box) amount of patients scheduled for this service site, no more may be scheduled.  The following error message would appear: "This appointment would exceed the maximum allowed consecutive appointments for this service site.  Nothing saved."
To finish the service site, fill in the State Tax with a yes or no, then pick the Color for the service site.  Click on the button "Choose Color" and select an available color.  To save the visit type, press F2.