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Scheduling Appointments/Navigation

To move the schedule to the next day, hit the inside left and right arrows (below the date) in the upper left corner of the screen (under the date button).  The outside arrows move weekly based on the day of the week currently selected.  Click on the box with the Date to pull up a calendar.  Select a date from the current month, or skip to other months to go to that date.

In order to schedule a patient, a Registration must first be created in the Patient Edit and Review Screen.

First, decide which starting time and practitioner will be scheduled for the patient, and click (using the mouse) on the appropriate time slot.  

Next, click at the bottom of the screen (under the Main Tab) in the Patient field.  When searching for an existing patient, press the F4 key or use mouse to click on the ellipsis [] drop-down box next to the Patient ID field.  This will bring up the lookup screen.  Search by ID Number or Name by clicking on the appropriate column and typing; a search box will appear that will allow user to continue typing based on the selected column.  Once patient is located, press Enter to pull the patient up.
Use the Tab key to get to the next field, Visit Type, and select the appropriate type.  

Use the Tab key to get to the Service Site field and choose the appropriate service site.  Use the Tab key to get the Blocks field and enter the number of 15 minute blocks needed.  

To save this appointment, press the F2 key. 
The Rebuild List button at the top of the screen will update the schedule (in case another user has added an appointment). 

Clicking on the Find Next Slot button (in the upper right corner of the screen) is a quick way to see when the next available slot is and which practitioner it is with.  One Practitioner can be selected, if desired.  Fill in the number of Blocks needed and then it will show what is available.  Click on the time slot desired, and then click on the "Go" button.  This will bring up the correct date and time so the patient can be scheduled.