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Changing/Deleting an Appointment

Changing an Existing Appointment:
To make a change to an appointment such as the day, practitioner, or time, click on the appointment that needs to be changed.  At the bottom of the screen, under the Main Tab, click the field that needs to be changed and correct it.  Press F2 to save.  

Deleting an Appointment:
To delete an appointment, click on that appointment, and then press Shift + F2.  A Schedule Cancellation Box will pop up asking the Reason for deleting the appointment.  Select the appropriate reason, then OK; this information will appear in the Patient Edit and Review screen under the Scheduling Records Tab.  The appointment will disappear.

Schedule Cancellation Reasons:
The various choices for Cancellation are defined here.  Go to: Scheduling: Maintenance: Cancellation Reason Maintenance.  Click on (or arrow down to) the first available blank line to add a Reason Description.  Press the F2 key to save.  When a scheduled appointment is deleted, a box will appear asking the user to select a Cancellation Reason from the list of choices.  This reason will appear for the patient under the Scheduling Records Tab in the Patient Info Screen.