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Large Block/Where Entries

The Large Block Scheduler can be used to schedule a practitioner over a long time period.  The "Where" entry field is an extra column that indicates where the practitioner is.  For example, if a practitioner travels to different clinics, the user can see where this practitioner will be at a glance.  

To access the Large Block "Where" entry screen, click on Enter/Review Entries at the top of the Scheduling screen, then select Large Block/"Where" Entry.  

First, select the Practitioner to use.  Next, fill in the appropriate Date Range and Time Range.  For the time, be sure to always use 2 digits on either side of the colon, and refer to AM and PM with a capital A or a capital P after it.  For example: 08:00A.  Military time can also be used (without needing the "A" or "P").

Continue by selecting the days of the week to fill in; this must be done in order for appointment to appear.  Decide if this appointment needs to appear in slot one or if it needs to appear in all slots.  If this is going to be a "Where" entry, check the box for "Where" entry.  

Once the top of the screen is complete, continue down the screen and fill in the Patient, Visit Type, and Service Site as though this is any other appointment.  After the whole screen is filled in, click on the button that says "Do It" and the appointment will be scheduled.  

Finally, close the large block scheduler screen.  After the large block screen is closed, click on the "Rebuild List" button to be able to see the appointment on the scheduler.