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Scheduling Reports

Patient Follow-Up Log - This report lists the follow-up visits that need to be contacted for a certain month.  These patients can be contacted by a form letter that is found under the LETTER section of BILL/COLL.  Entering a follow-up date can be done from two different screens, the patient registration screen or orders & invoices.

Practitioner's Schedule Report - This report shows the practitioners' schedule with appointment notes.  

Practitioner Schedule "book" format - This report shows a practitioner's schedule for one day.  A specific day and a practitioner must be chosen when running this report.  This report shows the patient's name and service site for all three slots scheduled.  The scheduling notes do not appear.

Patient Visit Reports - A list of all the notes and appointment dates for a specific patient.

Charge Ticket Printing - Prints charge tickets by the day, practitioner or service site.  These can be printed once a day for all scheduled patients.