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Charge Tickets

Charge tickets are a list of procedures that are commonly used.  Another name for this form could be super bill, route sheet, or route slip.  Charge tickets are used for the practitioner to mark off procedures that are completed, making it easier for the billing personnel to invoice accurately.  When charge tickets are printed, they each have the patient's information listed and their order number, making it so easy that even the practitioner could bill this patient.  Therefore, at the beginning of each day, a batch of charge tickets could be run for each practitioner; each service site or any combination.  To print charge tickets, go to Reports for the Scheduler and select Charge Ticket Printing.  For information on how to define charge tickets, go to the maintenance section. 

Defining Charge Tickets - (Super Bill, Route Sheet, Route Slip)
Charge Tickets are for the practitioner or physician to mark off items as they are completed or fitted to the patient.  To define charge tickets, go to: Bill/Coll: Maintenance: Letters: User Definable-Letters.  The charge tickets would be defined just as a letter would be.  

The first step would be to choose a number for the charge ticket.  These numbers are not automatically assigned; choose the next available number or any number.  Be sure to use this number in the Visit Type Screen in the Scheduler.  The description would be what best describes the charge ticket.  For instance, the charge tickets could be grouped by base codes with all of the add-ons listed; this would make it less likely for someone to forget an add-on.  Variables can be entered into the document that will pull the patient's information into each charge ticket printed.  Alt + C shows a view of this list, pressing Alt + C again will view the second page.  To exit these screens, press escape twice.  An example of the variables that a charge ticket might have is as follows:

Patient Name   &pt  
Invoice #   &in
Address  &pa1
Address 2  &pa2
Pt City, State, Zip &pc
Appointment Date &apd
Appointment Time &apt
Practitioner  &an 
Referring MD  &do  

Just a note: when typing the text of this document the words do not automatically wrap around to start at the left margin, but when printed it will look like a normal letter.  Also, columns cannot be created when using variables; the length of each variable is inconsistent.

In order for the charge tickets to work as intended the Invoice/Order number variable must be pulled into the document.  Therefore when charge tickets are printed the Invoice/Order number will be on the charge ticket; this is for the billing personnel's reference.