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What Makes MedFlex Different?

MedFlex® is a state-of-the-art medical software system that saves you time and money by integrating all major aspects of running your business in a single application. Programs include billing, collections, financial statements, managed care utilization fee management reports, patient surveys, graphic trend analysis, and staff productivity reports. The unique design features of MedFlex® allow your business the tools needed to exploit opportunities in today's managed care environment. 

By working with our clients, we have created a system that provides a synergy and simplicity through innovation. Dedication to continuous quality improvement (CQI) has allowed us to engineer a system that eliminates the major bottlenecks other systems force you to implement to run your business.  For example, our automatic integration of the General Ledger means the business owner/manager can have instant access to real time financial information at any time, for any given time period. Since there is no purging of data, all reports can access information for any time period - No more printing reams of paperwork or closings to accommodate system maintenance functions.  You know where your business stands today so you can make proactive management decisions as opposed to waiting weeks or months to receive vital management information.
Data integrity is critical for any medical business as the government and private sector increase funding to curtail fraud and abuse. The checks and balances incorporated into MedFlex provide the audit trails to ensure corporate compliance for post payment audits. For example, most systems do not allow you to post payments to a closed invoice that has a zero balance. Since duplicate payments are a reality in the medical profession, other systems require you to enter a new invoice or post the funds to a miscellaneous account that does not provide an audit trail back to the original invoice. Since these systems are not be integrated, you must manually coordinate clearing the patient balance, dispense a refund check and balance out the receivable and cash in the ledger. In MedFlex® you simply go to the refund check screen and select the negative balance you wish to write off by issuing a check and print the check.  All other accounting steps are done automatically for you! 

Some of the major core design features that make MedFlex stand out from the competition include:

No Close Architecture - There are never any time-consuming and work-stopping "close" procedures to worry about.  At month end, you simply move the allowable date range for entries forward to the next month. At year end, you run a simple process that creates a reversing entry that can be re-done at any time.  All aging reports in the system can be backdated so you can run an aging for any time period in history. These features allow your workflow to remain the same without printing reams of paper to track monthly aging reports since other systems can not backdate these reports. MedFlex maintains full audit-trail with date time and who stamp on all records.  Unlike other systems, MedFlex allows the System Administrator to determine what date range to make entries in the general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules!

The Registration Layer - How do you handle a patient you are seeing for two separate cases? For example, one office visit is for an ankle sprain and the other is for trauma due to a car accident and both cases have different referral sources, insurance carriers and diagnoses codes.  In most systems, you have to either (a) create two patient entries, or (b) change the information in the patient's record. The first scenario creates a tracking nightmare because you have duplicate patient records for the same patient. This makes it difficult to accurately track collection efforts since you have multiple patient account numbers. By changing patient information, you lose all history for previous patient events in the system. With MedFlex, the patient is put into the system only once. A registration is created for each patient event, which contains such information as insurance companies, referring physician, guarantor responsibility, diagnoses codes, etc. Then, when it comes time to invoice the patient, whichever registration applies is attached to the invoice, providing full information on all events. 

Integration - MedFlex is a fully integrated system.  All of its parts are integrated with each other, eliminating the need to re-enter information or use other packages to handle some part of your business.  For example, the scheduler is integrated with the order entry and work-in-process systems - the patient order (which will eventually become the invoice) is created at time of scheduling, allowing for full paperwork tracking throughout the whole process.  Receivables and Payables are integrated with the General Ledger; Purchasing and Payables are integrated with each other; Inventory and Purchasing are integrated with each other; the list goes on.  MedFlex takes the term "integrated system" to the Nth  level.  

Real-time Reporting - MedFlex provides hundreds of reports that can be run at any time, for any period. There are never any time-consuming batch updating procedures to run before you are able to run a crucial report.  For example, at any time, you can run an aging report to find out what your aging is right now, what is was yesterday, what is was last month, or what it was last year.  Reports are always run off your live, up-to-the-minute data, not off some old and possibly outdated batch totals.  This allows you to have accurate, up-to-the-second information at your fingertips at all times.

A Complete System - With MedFlex there is never anything else to buy. MedFlex is always sold as a complete system. There is never anything else to buy.  Other systems require you to spend extra money to get vital features, such as Electronic Billing, becoming year 2000 compliant, etc.  

Document Management - Electronic Charting - Clinical Notes: - With MedFlex you can put in all your Clinical and Patient Notes.  You can load in or scan in any digital photos, videos, measurement sheets, and any other document you would like to the patients file.