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Outside Services

Your relationship with outside service providers such as accountants, lawyers and consultants are very important - yet can be expensive.  For example, accounting expenses for a small to medium-sized company can run from $1,800 to $2,500 per month.  Once MedFlex is operational, most of our clients have seen their expenses drop by 90% for general accounting expenses!  Since MedFlex is a full accounting system, accountants no longer have to re-key or re-arrange data to product accounting reports. Cash is always accurate to the penny. Receivables and Payables are fully integrated with the Ledger.  This gives you accurate information at all times. Instead of paying to duplicate data or reports, you can now use these funds to work with outside service providers to help plan for your future!

Enclosed on the following pages are some standard accounting reports produced by MedFlex.  You will notice similarities between them and reports you have received from outside service providers.  MedFlex gives you the flexibility to generate these reports internally without having to hire outside service providers!
The last report in this section is our Account Tie Out report.  This report allows you to select one account and then list all transactions that affect this account, allowing you to easily justify any change in numbers.  This is something that auditors spend a lot of their time doing, and it is handled automatically by MedFlex.