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TeleVox Patient Schedule Reminder Service

Automated patient phone reminders are a good way to dramatically lower your patient no-shows.  MedFlex lets you create an extraction of your next day's appointments and send this file to Televox.  Televox will then use this file to phone each of your patients to remind them about their appointment.

MedFlex has some very special smart filters that reduce the number of calls.  For example you can tell MedFlex that a particular service site does not require a reminder call.  An example of this would be a nursing home service site.  Any appointments made to this nursing home service sites will automatically be excluded from the Televox file extraction.  

Another type of smart exclusion is by visit type.  If a visit type is defined to not require a reminder call any appointments with that visit type are excluded from the Televox file extraction.  An example of this would be a visit type of meeting or vacation.

You can also exclude appointments as you make them.  Let's say you have just seen a patient and they are coming back tomorrow morning.  You don't need to waste their time or your money on a reminder call for an appointment the very next morning.

This reminder service is in both Spanish and English.  You set on the Patient screen what is their preferred language to receive reminder calls.

To use the TeleVox service you sign up with them.  Like other 3rd party arrangements MedFlex is just your tool to create the file with them.  We do not get a cut or piece of that action.  Your price with TeleVox is whatever you negotiate with them.  You then generate your file out of the MedFlex scheduler and submit it daily to them over their Web Site.  They then make the calls.  Televox will e-mail you the response file which will indicate which appointments were confirmed or which ones were canceled or where the Patient would like a call back.

The relevant Televox link to get started with them is: