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Marketing provides useful information that allows your business to grow and prosper. MedFlex captures vital information that assists your marketing and sales efforts. 

Each patient's registration points to that patient's referring physician.  This is for two reasons.  The first is the obvious Medicare and insurance requirement.  The second is so you can know what physicians are sending you what percentage of your business.  This way, you know which ones to thank and to market your business to.  Additionally, there is an area for an "alternate referring person".  This is for situations where it is really someone other than the doctor, such as a Physical Therapist, who recommended the patient see you.

In addition to these two individuals, there is also an area for a "referral source type".  This is for classifying referrals by Yellow Page Ads, Newspaper Ads, Doctor Referrals, HMO Referrals, and so on.  Yet another way to know where your business is coming from.

Is most of your business coming from repeat business, or are you making your money on new patients?  MedFlex also provides tools to discover this information.

Here are some examples of MedFlex's sales and marketing reports.  The first is a graph of the Top 5 Referring Individuals for a 12-month period.  This lets you see at a glance where most of your business is coming from.  The next graph shows cash receipts classified by Referral Source Type for a 12-month period.  This lets you see what types of referrals are bringing you the most money.  Finally, there are Existing vs New Patients for the Whole Business, showing you whether it is repeat business or new business giving you most of your money.