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Managing Productivity

Managing the productivity of your practitioners is a big concern, since their productivity directly affects your business's profit.  MedFlex handles this concern quite well by providing you with reports to analyze your practitioner's work.  Is each of your employees performing up to what you're paying them?  Does this person really deserve a raise?  A bonus?  MedFlex will help you decide.  

Since everything is integrated, MedFlex can tell you exactly how each practitioner is affecting your bottom line.  The first report following this page is entitled Practitioner Impact on Ledger.  It shows you exactly how each practitioner affected your General Ledger for a given time period, showing you exactly what they've done.  The second report is a graph of Cash Receipts by Practitioner, showing you how much cash each practitioner caused to come in.  Many other reports, such as Sales by Practitioner, are also available.

Several tools for managing and monitoring the productivity of your data entry staff are also available.  The third and fourth report examples show this type of tool.  First, we have the Receivables Activity Summary.  This report shows all A/R activity in the system for a given date range.  This lets you review all input for accuracy.  Second is the Order/Invoice Input Summary.  This shows you all Order and Invoice activity input for the day, or for a range of dates.

The final report in this section is a graph showing the Sales, Cash Receipts, and Receivables numbers for the end-of-month for each of 12 months.  Normally, getting this information would require running 3 different reports 12 times each - that's a total of 36 reports all shown on one easy-to-read graph!  This graph gives a good picture of how your business is doing overall.