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Work in Progress, Inventory, and Purchasing

MedFlex also fully handles Work in Process, Inventory, and Purchasing.  When you enter an order, you use a template to build the order automatically.  This template can include what procedures will be involved, what inventory parts will be used, and what workflow steps that order must go through before it is billed and/or special order parts needed for it are ordered.  Reports can be run at any time showing what orders are at what stage of the flow, and how long they've been outstanding.  This allows you to know which orders need to be expedited.  These reports can be run based on practitioner, by service site, or by patient, allowing you to produce a concise list of orders to look into.  And if you wish, the system can prevent any pro-forma billing (billing before an item is delivered) an/or automatic parts ordering from being done until certain steps have been marked completed.  This allows full control of these functions.

Inventory is tracked by location, and individual reorder points are definable by location.  Each part in your inventory is given a part type that tells whether it is something you normally stock or if it's something that needs ordered at the time it's needed.  For special order items, the system can automatically generate Purchase Orders based on how many are needed for pending orders.  For stocked items, MedFlex provides a Stock Ordering Screens that gives suggested order quantities for all of your stocked items, allowing you to either accept or override the suggested number.  You can then have the system create Purchase Orders for the items automatically.  For items that are in stock, the system generates and prints picking tickets referencing the order / invoice number.

Purchasing is completely integrated with Inventory, as discussed above.  You can also go in and manually enter a Purchase Order for anything you need at any time.  Also, Purchasing is integrated with Payables, and you can automatically pay an entire P.O. on a Payables invoice with only very few keystrokes.