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No-Close Design

MedFlex has been designed to allow any reports to be run at any time without required processing steps to be done by the user.  To make this feature work MedFlex has some common sense design features listed below:

1.    Dates: All dates for any event put into MedFlex is based on the date of the event, not the date the event was put into MedFlex.
2. Reporting: All reports have a begin and an end date to them and will include items based on the date of the event as above for the date range you like.  MedFlex does not limit you to Monthly reporting.  You can report week to week, day to day, or whatever interval you choose.
3. Back Date Aging Reports: You can be entering Vendor Bills into this month and last month based on the date the company incurred the liability (vendor's bill invoice date) and then after you are sure all the bills for the prior month are in you can back date an aging report to get the aging.  No more need to jam data in or not put in anything into the current month till the old month is complete.
4. Cut Off Date: With flexibility comes responsibility.  Once your data for a reporting period like a month is in, you can lock in the data by moving your cut-off dates.  MedFlex has independent cut-off dates for different areas.  You may want to move your AR cut-off dates along daily but leave your GL dates open for a wider period of time.

With this design you can report at any time even for the day you are in while data is still being put in.  There are no restrictions or steps or hoops to remember to get accurate reports.