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Patient Status Change

Changing a patient from active status to inactive status means that he/she cannot be scheduled for appointments or invoiced.  New registrations cannot be created for an inactive patient.  Patients can be labeled active or inactive at any time; it does not matter if they have outstanding invoices.  If they do have outstanding invoices, statements will still print.  Only those users with Access Level A can change a patient from active to inactive.

To use this feature:
Go to Bill/Coll: Enter/Review Entries Patient Status Change
Locate patient.  When cursor is in the ID# field, use F4 to pull up a table and select the patient.
Change the Status from A to I.
The Reason field will pop up in the scheduler when this patient's ID# is entered.  Therefore the reason field is used to tell the scheduler why this patient is inactive.  
The reason field could also be used for helpful tips about patients, such as 'Friend of the owner.'