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Entering an Invoice

When cursor is in the Invoice# field, hit Enter to generate the next available invoice number.  

Make sure the Order Date, Invoice Date, and Date of Service dates are accurate.  

Select F4 when in the Patient# field.  Locate the correct patient in the table and hit Enter.  Be sure that the Registration Date is the correct one.  If the patient has more than one, use F7 and F8 to navigate between the registration dates until the correct one shows.  Most of the information for the invoice will be populated from the Registration Screen in the Patient Information Window.  

Any additional information that is required will need to be completed before the cursor is allowed to move beyond that field, such as Practitioner.  


Entering a 'Y' in the Accept Assignment field marks a 'Y' in Box 27 of the HCFA form.  

The Device Type is linked to the physician letters only; it has no other purpose at this time.

Hit enter to get the second page of the invoice, where the Procedure Codes are entered.

Entering Procedure Codes

Pressing shift + F4 in the first screen of the invoice will pull up a menu of options, including:  

Patient Responsibility Estimate - Based on entries in the registration screen.  This option calculates the estimate to be given to the patient.
Patient Inquiry Invoice List - Listing of the patient's invoices.
Comment to Appear When Posting Payments - An example: "This patient receives a bill after each payment is made."
Workflow Steps for this Invoice - Workflow steps can be added, edited or deleted for each invoice.  
Costs for this Invoice - Shows the part costs associated with this invoice.
Create a Reverse for this Invoice - Can be used it a credit invoice is needed to reverse an existing invoice. 
Technician and Modifier Info for this Invoice - Brings up this particular WIP information for the invoice.