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Entering Procedure Codes on an Invoice

The second invoicing screen is used to enter the procedure codes.  

The F4 list key can be used on this screen to find the appropriate Procedure Code.  To enter more than one line item, enter completely through the first line item to start at the top of a new line item.  

If a procedure code needs to be deleted, go to the appropriate line # and press Shift + F2.  

After all the procedure codes are entered, hit Alt + F1 to review a list of all procedure codes entered on this invoice.  

Press F2 to save the invoice.  The cursor will jump to the Sales Tax field on the first page.  If necessary, make changes to the sales tax amount now.  

Press F2 again to continue saving the invoice.  At this time another box will pop up with several questions.  Here a Payment on Account can be entered, Claim Forms can be printed or Follow-Up Dates can be noted.

Press F2 a third time to finish saving the invoice.  At this time, the invoice will print (if it was requested).