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Post Write-Offs/Adjustments

To post a Write-Off or Adjustment, go to the Receive payments/Adj. Screen (found under Bill/Coll: Enter/Review Entries: Receive Payments).  The patient can be found by using the F4 list key to find, or by entering in either of the Patient Code# or Invoice #.  

Enter some kind of reference in the Check Reference number, then enter the Date.  Each adjustment within an invoice must have a unique Check Reference number.  For example, typing "Adj" as the Check Reference (after it has already been used as the Check Reference for this invoice) will pull up the previous "Adj" payment.  Anything typed here would change the previous "Adj" entry, not enter a new Adjustment Entry.  Try including the date in the Check Reference Field.  For example, a January 13 adjustment could be save as a check reference: "Adj0113."

When continuing to the next screen, do not put any dollar amount in the Amount to Apply field.  That is for an actual payment amount only.

Enter the adjustment or write-off amount under the Adj./Write-Off/Non/Allowed column.  

Pressing F2 will pull up a table showing the default account for non-allowed.  To change this account, press F7 or F8 to find the appropriate account, Bad Debt etc.  If this transaction is pulled up for review, the default account will reappear in this screen.  However, the general ledger will show that the amount was posted to the proper account.  Write off and non-allowed have nothing to do with cash.  Therefore, nothing should be in the amount to apply field unless it is a payment.

Just before saving an invoice, the option of updating the responsibility to the next payer appears.  An invoice should be changed to the next payer if the insurance company has paid their entire portion or if they have denied the claim, etc.  

Initial Non-Allowed feature - when posting payments with this feature turned on, the non-allowed amounts will already be written off to the proper account.  These amounts are shown on the screen.  If the non-allowed amount is incorrect, it can be adjusted by entering the negative amount of the difference in the Adj./Write-Off/Non/Allowed column.