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The Refund screen is found Bill\Coll: Enter\Review Entries: Refunds.  When an account has been overpaid by the guarantor or by the insurance company, a refund would be done here.  

Begin by entering the date, bank account number, and check number.  

Next select the appropriate guarantor code; keep in mind the guarantor is sometimes not the patient.

Select the invoice number that needs the refund.

Be sure to enter the amount as a negative and press F2.

Make sure the Carrier Code/Name reflects which insurance carrier is receiving the refund; it will be blank if the guarantor is receiving the refund.

There is an option to print the refund check directly from the system.  If the check needs to be printed at a later date, pull up the refund and hit the F2 key to re-save the refund.  At this time, the option to print the check will be offered.

If a file for reimbursement was done and there is no record of the invoice in the computer system, create a zero invoice for the patient, post the amount of the check to that invoice and print the check.